Catering Concessions 2017

Pride Glasgow cordially invites you to apply by offer of tender for a specialist catering concession at the Pride Glasgow Festival.

Pride Glasgow is an annual LGBT Pride Festival held in Glasgow, Pride Glasgow is a 2 day festival with 12,000 people expected across the weekend

The Tender Application details are:

Duration of Tender: Saturday 19th August – Sunday 20th August 2017
Total Number of Trading Days: 2

Hours of Trading:

Saturday 12:00 – 22:00
Sunday 13:00 – 21:00

We are seeking a number of specialist food concessions that can produce unique, quality, wholesome foods. We are also looking for an operator who has an understanding of Pride which is an LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender) event.

On the Application for Tender form you are invited to provide us with some information about your business, the operation / management and types of food concession you propose and why they would be suitable for the events. It is in your interest to provide as much relevant information as possible to support your tender.

Selection will be made not only in consideration of the highest tender, but also the variety and quality of food outlets, the operational look and display of the proposed concessions, proposed on site management and compliance with all health and safety requirements.

Application for Tender

In respect of:             Specialist catering concessions – Pride Glasgow Festival 2017


  1. Pride Glasgow’s Weekend is Scotland’s biggest celebration of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender culture. It is a two day ticket only event held in an enclosed area of Glasgow Green.
  1. The tender is for the rights to supply and manage specialist food concessions for the duration of the Festival in full compliance with all statutory requirements and in full compliance with Pride Glasgow’s Health and Safety policy.
  1. Pride Glasgow shall not be bound to accept the highest or any tender submitted.
  1. The appointment will be made on the most suitable tender, depending on price, quality and relevant experience.
  1. Only those organisations / individuals who have made an expression of interest will be invited to tender. Under no circumstances must the application for tender by disclosed or distributed to any other party without prior consent of Pride Glasgow, contact named in point 7.
  1.  No Concession holder should sell alcohol of any type.
  1. The brief has been sent by email The programme for submission of tender is as follows:

Brief distributed                                       Monday 6th February

Tenders to be received                           On Application

Tender Submissions                              Online Via

In an effort to ensure and maintain variety and quality of the food on offer, Pride Glasgow may determine acceptance on basis of trade.

  1. Additional food outlets may be provided as part of the Market area at the festival which will be operated by Pride Glasgow (or by an appointed market operator on behalf of Pride Glasgow.) Pride Glasgow will ensure that there is no conflict of interest with the appointed food concessions operator and that trade will not be conducted outside the designated Market area.

Terms of Tender

  1. The Tender shall be:

Duration of Tender:      19th and 20th August 2017

Total Number of Trading Days:      2

Hours of Trading:

Saturday 12:00hrs – 22.00 hrs

Sunday 13:00hrs – 21:00 hrs

  1. Location: Glasgow Green, Glasgow
  1. Concessions Locations on Site The locations of the concessions will be determined in conjunction with the successful operator(s) we are looking for between 4 and 6 hot food concessions on the festival site alongside up to 3 dessert style units with the exception of ice cream vans which will be separate.
  1. Very Important: No power will be available units should be self contained or make use of a silenced diesel generator
  1. All load in and load out times to be provided in writing by Pride Glasgow
  1. All food concessions must have prior agreement agreed with Pride Glasgow and must provide the following for inspection by Pride Glasgow and Glasgow City Council:
  • Photocopy of British Food Hygiene Certificates (BFHC)
  • Detailed menus and price lists
  • Photographs of outdoor operation
  • Photocopy of Public and Employers Liability Insurance Certificate
  1. The operator must be in full compliance with all on-site requests from the Pride Glasgow Event management team with regards to location and health & safety and ensure that all individual food concession are in full compliance.
  1. The operator must take full responsibility and management of the food concessions during the Pride Glasgow Festival
  1. The operator must agree to make full financial compensation to Pride Glasgow for:
  • any delay in removing food concessions from the site following the completion of the festival
  • any reinstatement works to the site following the festival caused by any of the food concessions.
  1. A familiarity and understanding of the Pride Glasgow event which is a LGBT festival and has a zero tolerance policy.
  1. This tender is to run the main catering concessions.
  1. Payment Terms: first installment of 50% to be paid upon issue of contact and the second and final installment to be paid in full by 30th April 2017
  1. No Tender will be considered if it doesn’t include a menu of items with pricing.
  2. No Alcohol should be sold at any catering concession