2017 Theme Announcement

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Pride Glasgow sponsored by The Polo Lounge are excited to announce that this years Pride Glasgow Parade and Festival theme will have a focus on LGBTI families and those of us who are brave everyday. We acknowledge the importance of families whether biological or for those of us who have created wonderful families made up of friends and other loved ones. Whatever your family might be, we want you to join in the celebration and acknowledge everyone who is #BraveEveryday

At Pride Glasgow we believe every family is beautiful and everyone should be given the opportunity to have a family life without discrimination or persecution. Pride Glasgow has partnered up with Scottish Adoption and Nuffield Health to help promote key messages around adoption, fostering and fertility treatments. Help us support our LGBTI families and celebrate the bravery and love they share every day.

This year’s branding was designed by Darren Pop who was delighted to produce the design for Pride Glasgow 2017 after designing the “lion” logo for us back in 2014 which has now become the principal part of Pride Glasgow’s image.

The brief was to create something which was bright, proud and beautiful with a strong focus on being family friendly and maintaining our focus on being fiercely LGBT.

Darren commented “For the design, i approached it very differently to anything i had ever worked on before. I wanted to make sure this was more than just a flyer which you would look at for a few seconds before throwing away and properly captured how beautiful our pride was as well as bringing to life Pride Glasgow’s family friendly theme.

The unicorns were chosen as they symbolise strength, magic and beauty. we went through probably a few dozen versions of them before choosing the ones included in the design. their faces are intentionally ferocious or maybe even angry to signify how powerful and strong we are as a community”


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